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To listen to our clients needs, offer high quality, affordable photographic and event services, and execute with exceptional performance.

Company Profile

Mattucci Photography is provider of manned and unmanned (UAV) drone aerial photography, 3D aerial mapping, and videography  for residential and commercial real estate, construction, surveying, engineering and architectural projects.

Our company operates drones for commercial use under FAR Part 107.  Our smart drones are GPS capable which have built in no-fly zones in the software, shoot high-resolution 12-20 mp stills and HD Video.

Because we are contracted for hire and sell our services and products, our pilots are required by the FAA to be commercially licensed. Ask your aerial photography provider if their pilots are FAA commercially licensed.  If not, they are violating the Federal Aviation regulations and you should take caution in doing business with them.  If asked, we will make available to any client, proof of our commercial pilot license. 

The Pittsburgh region was lacking a dedicated oblique aerial photography company which  is why I felt the need to fill this important void in 2007.  Western Pennsylvania growth may not be as robust as other parts of the country, but we still have construction, engineering, architectural and environmental projects happening on a daily basis. 

I started flying in 1978 and since then I have flown professionally and personally accumulating 6,300 hours in all types of aircraft from single-engine Cessna's to Airbus 320s. I would pack a small 35mm camera in my flight case and shoot aviation photos whenever I could. I decided to hang up my professional wings and now fly doing aerial photography and pilot our "Smart" drones. 

Photography has always been a passion of mine.  I specialize in aerial photography/videography, 3D aerial mapping, for commercial residential real estate

I use excellent quality professional digital camera equipment with image stabilizing features to create clear, detailed photos.  Also, our photo enhancement services can make ordinary photos look extraordinary.  Simply put, we are the best at what we do in the Pittsburgh area offering the highest quality images and service.

Due to the limitations of this website's space, the images found on this website are not of the same quality as the actual photos taken. I shoot high-resolution images that are used for producing clear, quality photos which can be enlarged to 16 x 24 or even larger.

Pittsburgh Photography

Photography is like flying. You have to know your limitations but sometimes you need to push your limits to the edge of the envelope.  To make a style of photography unique, you need to think a little outside the box and test your limits, exploring the outer edges of equipment capability, lighting, and photography skills.

"I strive for excellence in my work and complete satisfaction from my customers.  It's the only way I know. I am just as interested in building client relationships as I am in providing outstanding service."  -A. Mattucci